Get At-Home or Online Music Lessons in Metro Detroit, MI

We offer both at-home and online music lessons with professional music instructors. Try our music lessons and pursue that dream of creating and playing your favorite music. Children’s music lessons provide many special benefits such as enhancing the process of learning, the fun of playing an instrument, expressing themselves through music, and social benefits of making friends with other musicians. Everyone loves music and we make learning fun and convenient. With At Home Music lessons you can learn in the convenience of your own home, at your pace, and around your schedule. We’ll save you money travel time, mileage, and gas.

We have been teaching music for years and have a lot of experience in teaching children’s music lessons. We understand how to teach music effectively to children and adults. We make learning music fun and enjoyable.

i.e. Piano, Guitar, Clarinet, etc
i.e. Monday 5PM-7PM, Sunday 1PM-3PM