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2015 Summer Recital: Guest Performer (Alex Wang)

The 2015 Summer Recital ended recently with much success! I am happy to hear that everyone that attended loved how organized and on point we were this year!

Some other changes that we made this year was to bring in a guest performer…..and that was Alex Wang! He started with us when he was 6 and graduated our curriculum in three years! . He’s a bright young boy and I am sure he will do much more as he continues to pursue his passion in music! Here is some information that he provided to us and I’m sure it will enlighten most of the parents here.



“I’ve never envisioned music to be part of my life, especially when I was 6 years old. At that time, I just wanted to do what every 6 year old did, play games and make friends. My mother was actually the one who wanted me to start learning music. She believes that music can make people smart, tender, and detailed oriented- which will be useful in life. Due to her firm belief, she entrusted me to At Home Music Lessons to start learning piano. Kenny was actually my first teacher; he was extremely patient and nice to me. At times, it can be difficult to perform a song since it seemed advance for me. But I didn’t want to give up, so I kept practicing every day. I had to break down the sections of the song to make it easier on myself to practice. Once I was able to play the song, I felt accomplished. I graduated from At Home Music Lesson’s curricular within 3 years, completing all 5 books of Piano Adventures due to my perseverance. Currently I am studying with another teacher to continue my passion in music; I passed the MMTA’s level 5 Achievement test in February 2015. I have performed in various venues like churches, Evola, Oakland University and Rochester College to showcase my progress in music as well. In the near future, I will definitely have an opportunity to perform in a cooler venue since I continue to advance myself. To my fellow music lovers, please continue to work hard and practice every chance you get. It is also a benefit when your parents are standing beside you and encouraging each and every step of the way. ”

During the recital , he played these songs.

River Flows in You by Yiruma

The Great Smoky Mountains  by David Carr Glover.


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