Cheryl Pope Ferrari

Cheryl began playing violin at 9 years old.  She has played solo and in ensembles from a very early age. She played in symphonies and quartets as a teenager and continued this into college.  In college, as a music therapy major, Cheryl began playing piano and guitar as well.  As a therapist, Cheryl has played and taught all three instruments for decades.  Cheryl continues to play violin in symphonies and plays violin and viola in quartets.  Cheryl has played 1st violin in the pit orchestra for several musicals.  She is currently in the 2nd violin section of Livonia Symphony and leads the 2nd violin section of the Detroit Medical Orchestra.  Cheryl has her own private violin studio as well as teaching violin, piano, and guitar for At Home Music Lessons.  In the fall of 2018, Cheryl will begin an appointment as the new strings instructor for Livonia Youth Symphony.  She is excited to be working for At Home Music Lessons and using her skills and interests to give confidence and joy to children and adults throughout the Detroit area.